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One of the main concerns of the event organizers was to provide attendance certificates to the participants, which increased with the outbreak of the coronavirus because participants participate in training courses online, but the organizers had to send attendance certificates physically. Representatives. To address this concern, Cncertificate has added the possibility of online course certification to its system services. At the end of the organizers 'course, our team puts your friends' certificates in the system and you can easily inquire and receive the certificate by entering the certificate code.
In order to issue certificates for attending the event, one must issue these files in the name of the participants and then print them, and the certificates must be stamped and signed, then the submission process must be done, all of which require time and money. Many for organizers. Now, the possibility of human error in issuing certificates or printing them is very high that all work must be resumed. But with online certification, both costs, issuance time, and human error are minimized.
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